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2015 Honda Accord Performance And Safety Reviews

2015 Honda Accord sedan specs

2015 Honda Accord Performance And Safety Reviews

2015 Honda Accord has always found a method to inject a little more generating enjoyment into its Accord family – despite the fact that the specifications and important numbers is probably not all that different than individuals of rival models. And that remains the situation with the 2015 model, where you will find a fuel-efficient family of mid-size vehicles, with surprisingly nimble handling as well as sprightly performance. With last year’s overhaul, performance direct-injection technology came towards the Accord, with the base 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine now producing 185 horsepower (or 189 for that Accord Sport). With it, you will get a six-speed manual or constantly variable automatic transmission (CVT).
Unlike other CVTs available on the market, this one does well using the four-cylinder, working with its heavy mid-rev torque curve, avoiding the actual rubber-band-like responsiveness and droning soundtrack, as well as potentially fooling some drivers into thinking it’s a computerized transmission. With its so-called G-Design change logic, revs rise quickly, staying away from the standing-start flat spot which some such transmissions have, then it creates the feeling it’s locking onto ‘gears’ on the way.

2013 Honda Accord body stylel

2015 Honda Accord has kept the V-6 design around, at a time when rival models have attended turbocharged fours in their up market variations. Yet it makes a large amount of sense here; it’s still a powerful, smooth engine with loads more refinement than the majority of those turbo fours. The 278-horsepower V-6 is coupled to some six-speed automatic transmission or (in Coupes only) the six-speed manual gearbox. It’s been fitted with full I-VTEC and Variable Cylinder Management to assist efficiency, and active noise cancellation that helps maintain it quiet and smooth from the cabin.
A manual transmission emerges in four-cylinder Accord sedans; and it is not just offered in bottom models, or an afterthought. We such as this precise gearbox, it’s neat clutch system take-up, and the responsive, rev-happy feel from the combination – all while this feels more refined than other mid-sizes. A manual gearbox can also be offered with the V-6 within Coupe models only, but there it offers a rather heavy clutch pedal that people could see being more tiring within the commute. Meanwhile, the V-6 models are one of the better highway-commuter and road-trip cars actually. No matter which power train you select, you can fuel up simply fine with regular unleaded gasoline is just fine whichever engine; fuel economy ratings range as much as 27 mpg city, 36 mpg highway using the four-cylinder engine and CVT, or more to 21/34 mpg with the V-6.
Electric power steering hasn’t exercised well in some models, but it’s done the following. Thanks to its mostly linear weighting, sense of center, and some feedback in the road surface, this makes it one of the most confidence-inspiring setups for those who prefer to drive. One of the more controversial facets of last year’s redesign is which Honda dropped its once-heralded double-wishbone set up, instead opting for more tunable (and cheaper) Macpherson struts it claims improve ride and dealing with while also cutting cabin sound and harshness. We can’t state there’s any big loss, truthfully, as with the great guiding and good body control, that one drives much like previous decades.
Part of what makes the 2015 Honda Accord this type of great family car is that it’s among the best-rated mid-size sedans for security. And it also offers some breakthrough safety items which aren’t at all common with this class of car. The Accord Coupe gets five-star ratings in most the federal categories, while the Sedan earns four stars with regard to frontal impact; meanwhile, the Accord Sedan has got the top ‘good’ rating from the IIHS within the tough small overlap frontal make sure the Accord Coupe earns less ‘acceptable’ rating in that class.
Both models meet the IIHS requirements for ‘Basic’ frontal crash safety, which you can get with the addition of this model’s active-safety package Forward Crash Warning, Lane Departure Warning, as well as Adaptive Cruise Control. There’s also an awesome Lane Watch Blind Spot Display supplies a wide view of the passenger side from the vehicle on the Multi-Information Display (I-MID) screen as soon as you flick the turn transmission. It’s truly one of the actual coolest new features to debut recently. And thanks to the Accord’s reduced beltline and thinner pillars, outward visibility really isn’t that bad without all of the extras. Thanks to its increased utilization of high-tensile steel and the wise ACE safety structure, Honda could make pillars thinner.
LED headlamps are also offered towards the top of the lineup, and they’re the very first ever in a Honda, but daytime running lamps are contained in all V-6 models and LED brake lights are suited to EX-L and Touring models. All Accord models include four-wheel disc brakes, including Digital Brake Distribution and Brake Aid, plus stability control, and slope start assist. And in addition to any or all the expected airbags, the Accord includes a new Smart Vent technology for its side airbags that eliminates the requirement for fussy occupant-position detection techniques.
Fuel Economy / MPG
The actual 2015 Honda Accord – indeed, even if you don’t choose the Honda Accord Hybrid — gets some pretty impressive fuel usage. And even if you choose the V-6 model, you’ll do surprisingly well in real-world driving depending on what we’ve seen. Four-cylinder Accord models possess a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) as well as direct-injection, and earn up to 36 mpg highway (with a great EPA city rating of 28 mpg). Step up to the V-6 model, and you obtain measures like variable cylinder administration (VCM), enabling it to earn as much as 34 mpg now.
We’ve mentioned combined numbers approaching 30 mpg within drives of both four-cylinder as well as V-6 models. Press the Econ button within the Accord and you get some fuel-saving measures that include much more conservative accessory use (like A/C) as well as softened throttle response. Although 2015 Honda Accord performance and safety reviews Plug-In Crossbreed and Accord Hybrid models are covered inside a separate review, they’re the approach to take for those who really wish to minimize their gasoline consumption. Rather, they have a frugal 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, plus a lithium-ion battery power and new two-motor hybrid system that may operate in three different settings, including full-electric operation. You sacrifice just a little cargo space, but earn a good EPA City rating of 50 mpg.

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