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James Bond to Ditch Aston Martin for Fiat 500 in Next Movie

Since the first movie was filmed, the main character has been seen driving most of the luxury brands, but one particular model has always been linked to the famous franchise - the Aston Martin DB5. However, it would seem the next movie will change that. 

Bond. James Bond. Yes, we had to make that joke.

We all know how, throughout the famous series, the character has received a variety of vehicles with which to battle his enemies. Each of them were equipped with all sorts of elaborate weapons, anti-pursuit systems, alternative transportation modes and various other functions. Actors would change, special effects would get bigger and more expensive, but the DB5 was always a symbol.   



A spy driving a Fiat 500 in Vatican 

Well, that is about to change. 

Local reports from Italy are that the MI6 agent will get into the Italian spirit by driving a Fiat 500 around Rome in the next installment of the famous franchise. The Fiat will feature in a thrilling chase scene through the streets of Vatican. The shooting for these scenes will take place in February and March next year. 

Sam Mendes will be rolling the cameras, directing the 24th film in the series, which is scheduled for release in 2015. As to the man holding the wheels and the guns for that matter, it turns out the British spy will continue to be played by Daniel Craig.

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